Real Estate Debate

Smarter San Diego TV | The Real Estate Debate

Top San Diego Realtor Nicole Hazelton debates hot local real estate topics on Smarter San Diego TV! In this discussion the heat is on about purchasing in neighborhoods that some may consider “ghetto”, and the […]

The Real Estate Debate | Will San Diego Housing Market face Downturn b/c of Underwater Homeowners?

Nicole weighs in on her opinion about a recent Zillow article that stated there are over 40,000 “underwater” home owners in San Diego that could effect the housing market. Watch now and see the response […]

The Real Estate Debate | New Home Sales, San Diego BOOM or BUST?

Want to be “smarter than everyone else” when it comes to the real estate market? Then tune in to Mr. Credit Radio on 760AM KFMB Sundays at 3:00pm for latest Real Estate tips! This time, […]