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Smarter San Diego TV | How To Sell & Buy at the Same Time

Whether you are downsizing, moving up, or just looking for a change of scenery, Nicole can help you navigate the process of selling and buying in the same market. It’s called a contingent sale. When […]

The Real Estate Debate | Will San Diego Housing Market face Downturn b/c of Underwater Homeowners?

Nicole weighs in on her opinion about a recent Zillow article that stated there are over 40,000 “underwater” home owners in San Diego that could effect the housing market. Watch now and see the response […]

San Diego Buyers | How To Win a Bidding War | Multiple Offer Know How

Bidding on a Home with Multiple Offers? First of all, if you are bidding on a home then we should know about it! But if you are planning ahead, here are Nicole’s Top 10 tips […]